Gaining weight back...

05/18/2013 19:20

I am now at 168lbs from 250lbs back in August 2012. I have lost 82lbs but I started to fall back into old eating habits again, eating "quick" stuff. But all of that stuff is usually high in carbs, fat and/or sugar, so it isnt good stuff to eat (even if you haven't had gastric bypass surgary).

I had to re-examine the "how to eat" manual and realized that I have been eating to much food for one, I should be keeping my food intake to 3 meals a day, NO snacks, lots of vegi's and some low sugar fruits, and 60-80grams of protein (if you dont eat this amount you may end up with extreme hair loss due to malnutrition).

For "stage four"  I am on a "regular diet", I can eat raw fruits and vegis, a well balance diet that is nutrient dense and protein rich.

  • drink 6-8 oz of liquid a day ( but I have found that because of an issue with absorption that most GB patients have you need to be drinking more like 2-3, 16oz bottles a day depending on your activity level).
  • Stop eating as soon as I feel full (not stuffed)
  • Avoid all foods high in sugar and fat
  • Keep taking vitamins and mineral suppliments
  • Eat small amounts. about a 1/2cup total of food per meal. once I reach my goal weight then I can increase to 1cup of food.
  • Eat SLOWLY. taking 20-30minutes, eating to fast will cause (and it does) vomiting and nausia
  • Chew all foods into a paste to keep from filling up too quickly
  • Avoid high calorie liquids. they are loaded with sugar and useless calories.
  • Avoid carbinated liquids, the fizz can cause bloating (and it does) and painful gas.
  • Limit Caffine, it dehydrates and may cause stomach irritation as well has make you hungry.
  • GET REGULAR EXERCISE! this is essensial in order to KEEP losing weight even at about 5 mos after surgery. If you dont exercise you will stop or slow the weightloss.

Sample Menu:


1/2 cup or small piece of low sugar fruit ( or no sugar can fruit)

1/3 to 1/2 cup of yogart or egg

Liquids between meals-

1cup of skim or 1%Milk

at least 1cup of water or no cal drink


2 oz of meat or fish

1/4 cup of vegi's

1/4 cup of fruit or no sugar can fruit


repeat above


2oz meat or fish

1/4 cup vegis

1/4 cup fruit or no sugar can fruit


at least 1cup water or cal. free drink                                                                     

I've been off base with my diet and actuall gained about 5 lbs back!! plus I haven't been exersiceing as regularly either.  So I am gettin serious again because I still have not gotten to my goal of 130lbs and it isnt a year yet, I will NOT be defeated!!


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