getting enough protein

01/24/2013 12:12

I figured out that if I buy the EAS protein powder and add 3 scoops to 1cup of water and 1/2cup 1%milk, I get an entire days protein in that one drink.  It takes me about 1-2 hours to drink it, which is good because it keeps me from wanting to eat stuff  I shouldnt want to eat. lol

My hair is still falling out, Im amazed that Im not bald yet. But it is alot less than it what was coming out, thank God for that.

I have no idea were my weight is because I just havent been looking at the scale, and I havent been able to get to the gym because I had to let it go since I cant afford it any longer.  I think Ive been holding at 185lbs.  I really have to start an exercise program at home but I have NO motivation. I cant do floor exercises because of my back and tailbone pain, so to do things like that out of the question.

Right now, I have gotten the basilcell carcenoma out of my ear and my left ear and jaw are acheing. My mom is in the hospital because of a hip replacement (we almost lost her because she had a bleeder and lost a lot of blood during surgery), she will be ok and is going to the rehab place tomorrow.  I am no longer working so Im liveing on $800 a month and my rent is $500, you can do the math there.  The one good thing is, school starts tomorrow, so that will keep my mind off of things for a while.

I know it seem like Im complaining and maybe I am a little, but Im getting by, so all is well.

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