6 months out

02/11/2013 16:09

Ok, on the 13th it will be 6months exactly.  I've lost 71lbs.  I've gotten a divorce last october and so now I am not able to afford going to the gym and believe me I can feel and see the difference. Im not loosing weight like I was, and my body doesn't feel as good as it was when I was working out.

I am still haveing issues with eating, I cant eat alot or enough to cover my nutritional needs so I have to double up on my vitamins to get the nutritions Im suppose to be getting.

This was hard the last 4 days since I was stuck at my mom's house because of the snow storm. CT got 30-40" of snow and my street was never plowed (I live on a oneway street, the residents had to shovel themselves out!) and my mom( living in a senior residance) didnt get plowed out till Sunday!!  Needless to say I was intending to stay one night and so I only brought enough food (protein shake) for two days. If I dont do the protein shakes I cant eat enough to get in the 80 grams of protein I need a day, especially at my moms.  Well Im home now so all is good.

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