Were it began

07/27/2012 05:08

I was 26 years old, I was speed walking 2 1/2 miles everyday and lifting weights 3 days a week.  I was a size 8 and 130lbs, but despite this, I started gaining weight for no reason.  In one year I was 180lbs and a size 18, I was dealing with severe fatigue and pain all over my body. I had gone to several doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me and all they had to say was "Its all in your head", one doctor actually told me to see a psychiatrist!  


When I was 28 yrs old, I finally found a doctor who actually listened to me, he told me that he did not know what was wrong but that he'd do some research and find out.  I did some research as well.  I though that maybe it was my thyroid, after all my aunts thyroid had completely shut down and her weight had ballooned.   So I went to the library and found every book I could on this matter but when I was going through the isles looking for one particuler book, another book caught my attention, it was as if this book flew out at me (although it really didn't), the title was "CFS- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".   So, I get home and begin to go through the books one by one, reading and scimming the pages looking for something that sounds familure but that one book keeps 'calling' to me so I start going through it and within the first chapter I saw myself, it was as if they had done this book by following me around!  I finally had the answer for why I was so fatigued and in pain all the time.....I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia!!  Yes, the doctor confirmed this too. But it still didn't explain why I was gaining weight expedientally.  I didn''t find this out until the following year when I went to my Gynocologist and found out that I had Polycystic Overian Syndrom and, for lucky me, it was the culprit causing me to gain all this weight, giving me facial hair and messing with my periods with severe mood swings, cramping that would cause a bull to fall over, and mood swings that made me want to divorce myself.

I also found out there is NO cure!  Ya, lucky me, I get an illness that has no cure on top of the CFS and Fibromyalgia, I am so lucky- NOT!


By the time I was 30 yrs old I had ballooned up to 200lbs and a size 20W.  The CFS and Fibromyalgia went into remission but not the PCOS, that was still in full swing kicking my a**.    Over the years I have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, 1000cal. diet and exercise, Blood Type diet, Diet pills, Cleansings, Ommitting all gluten, Adkins diet, Metforman (for diabetics although I'm not a diabetic), Thyroid vitamins, liquid diet and probably some others I cant think of at the moment.  NOTHING WORKED.

I am now 41 yrs old, 250lbs and a size 24W.  I have trouble walking without my back spasming, Its hard going up stairs, I get winded very easily, I have had two blood clots, one of which almost killed me last year (10/2011) when it made its way through my heart causing a mini heart attack and into my lungs were it broke up into several pieces cause me to have Multiple Pulmonary Embolisms and a 2 week hospital stay.

I've told you all this because this is the reason I have decided to get the Gastric Bypass.  This is my last hope to loose this weight and give me a fighting chance to keep it off..This is what this blog is all about, to journal my experience in hope to giving a realistic view of what it entails to go through this type of surgery.   I hope you keep reading and stay with me through this journey.

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