Hair Loss

01/01/2013 14:09

Ok, I did some research- Appearently, hair loss is common at about 3-5months in, its due to malapsorption.  Everything I read said that getting in

70-80 grams  of protein a day will help with reduceing or even stoping the hair loss and that at the one year mark it will usually stop because by then I should be getting in enough food that the nutrition issue shouldn't be an issue.

So I am trying to get in at least 70grams of protein but when your stomach only holds about 2-4oz of food at a time and you have 7 vitamins that literally take

all day to get down, and 6oz of chicken or tuna is only 35-40grams of protein it literally takes all day to eat the 70 grams and it leaves no room for anything else, no vegi's, no snacks, nothing-just protein.


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