About Me

I am 41 years old, divorced and a mother of one 21 year old women.  I love dogs, if I had a house and large yard I would have about 5 of them running around !  I am a Christian but with no affilliation at the moment. 

I am a full time student at NVCC in waterbury going for my Associates in Human Services with a focus on Mental Health and Disability, I'm looking at probably working more with Domestic Violence groups but not sure yet if this will be full time or part time thing.

I am a singer, I usually sing at church.  And I am a crafter, I love doing things that are 'crafty' like crocheting, I made a quilt for the first time and it looked great (until my dogs destoyed it) and I like makeing purses and bags.

I'm a simple person, an introvert (not a recluse), I love music, and reading, and I love walking so I cant wait till I loose enough weight were walking doesnt cause my back to spasm on me.

Well, this just about sums me up.

Enjoy my blog and send me comments, PLEASE!!!

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