New Pics

09/01/2012 21:59
I made another messenger bag, the pics are in the photogallery, go check them out!

I've lost 20lbs!! New Picture

08/30/2012 01:30
I have a new pic of me 20lbs less, my next pic will be when I've lost 50lbs.

Nope, it's a blood clot :(

08/22/2012 16:31

I think I have Bronchitus

08/22/2012 00:25
I have been coughing alot and bringing up phlem  and I think I also have a clot in my left arm were they had the IV while I was in the hospitol. Hopefully I will know for sure Wednesday.

Surgery Time

08/10/2012 16:12
I got the call from yale today, while I was shopping, I have to be at Yale by 12 noon on Monday (8/13/12).  YYYAAAA!!!!

My adventure today!!

08/08/2012 22:53
I was going to Save-A-Lot comeing back from my Mom's house and I was traveling down that road that goes though Lakewood Lake when I see this red, emasiated pitbull.  So being the dog lover that I am, I pull over and try to get the dog to come to me, he wasn't aggresive but didnt want to come...

Results from the biopsy

07/31/2012 23:00
Well, I got the results of my biopsy from my ear.  It is Basal Cell Carcinoma and from the results of the biopsy it looks like it is deep and so when it is extracted it will require a skin graph.  I got emotional when I asked the doctor if this will affect my hearing because I sing,...

Today's Sermon

07/29/2012 01:55
I watched a sermon from North Point Community Church in Atlanta, the sermon was about Jesus' prayer for us to be one with each other as He is one with Father.  He used the prop of a mirror that was badly cracked and splintered over its entire surface saying this is what the church looks...

London Olympic Games

07/27/2012 20:17
I just watched the opening ceremony for the olympic games, WOW, that was great!  I hope you took the time to watch. Go Americian Teams!!


07/27/2012 05:09
I have had a sore in my left ear for 10 months now, it will not go away, so I went to my doctor- she sent me to a dermatologists who then sent me to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who tells me that the soar is CANCER!  WT* !   He did a biopsy and I should know by next friday what kind...
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