My adventure today!!

08/08/2012 22:53

I was going to Save-A-Lot comeing back from my Mom's house and I was traveling down that road that goes though Lakewood Lake when I see this red, emasiated pitbull.  So being the dog lover that I am, I pull over and try to get the dog to come to me, he wasn't aggresive but didnt want to come and started to timidly scurry away.  I just happen to have a bag of dogfood in my car that I just bought for my two dogs and I though that I would grab a cup of food and try to lure him to me, but he got spooked by one the people on the street and began to go further down the road.  So I got in my car and followed him were I saw another emasiated black and white pitbull, so again I pull over right across the street from them and I'm holding out the cup of food which this time seemed to peek the red ones interest so I carefully got out of the car and put the food on the ground and he began to eat it, so I got more food and went across the street were the black one was and pourd the food on the ground they both ate it like there was no tomorrow, so I gave them more and I carefully pet both of them, neither of which seemed to mind my touching them at all. so I sat on a rock next to them and let them finish eating and I talked to them, telling them they were good boys, and I called the red one Red and the black and white one Beauty (they actually responded to me when I used those names!!).  When Red was done eating he came over to me and literally sat on my lap and leaned into me and licked me, then Beauty was done and came over and started licking my face furiously,  they were so apprecietive!  They are soooo sweet, if I didnt have two dogs already, I would have taken them home with me.  Anyhow, I just sat with them waiting for the police to come (I called them when I first saw Red) but they were so sweet I thought I'd try to get them into my car and sure enough, they got in!!!   So I took them to the police station and one cop had me follow him to the city pound (apparently, this cop was over on that street earlier and tried to approach the dogs but he said they seemed aggressive so he left them alone, he said that as a cop if a dog is aggressive they have to shoot it, but they weren't threatning enough so he just left them and figured the dog warrden would get them in the morning).  So we get to the pound and there was a crate big enough for both of them so I got a makeshift lead and put it on Red and got him into the cage, I had to do a little pushing but he went in fine, then I got Beauty and did the same he was, again, no problem.  I then left them with more food and some water.  

They are so sweet, I pray to God that He finds them a GOOD, RESPONSIBLE home(s)  they so deserve it!  I'm going back to the pound in the morning to make sure they are ok, and if I have to I will take them to a 'no kill' shelter to make sure they get the help they need.

So, that was my little adventure today.