08/29/2012 20:29



I’ve actually never realized how many food commercials there are in one hour no wonder our

Country has an epidemic of obesity!!  They’re being temped every 5 minutes with candy, food, or fast food.

Anyhow, I am continuing with the Fragmin shots in my a** , not liking that at all.  I have to wait for my other blood tests to come back to see if I can take Coumadin or not.

(At this moment someone is baking something chocolate, OMG I am dying here)

I hoped that my craving would go away with this surgery but that is not the case, unfortunately.

All my incisions are healed, I am moving well, and I started to exercise as well, I can only do 10minutes at a time cause I get tired out easily but at least I’m moving, as my endurance grows  I’ll increase my time of exercising

Today I ate 1oz of yogurt for my first and second meals.  For the rest of the day I had Tuna with the fat free mayo, lemon/pepper and salt and a small piece of fat free American cheese, and Asparagus.  Of course I ate 1oz at a time for the next 4 meals.   Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that I have to take a gummy multivitamin and a Viactive calcium chew 2x a day.  The multivitamin is supposed to have Iron in it but I can’t find one with Iron so I am looking for foods that are I can eat and are high in Iron like Tuna and Asparagus.   

I am able to eat eggs but I can’t stomach them yet (the yoke is high in Iron too) so I’ll wait a couple of days and try again. 

I can drink my decaf coffee with skim milk and fat free half-n-half, although I can only drink about a half a cup, I just can’t seem to drink a whole cup.

Well, that’s all for now, be good and be kind to eachother.