08/22/2012 16:31


Ok, I just got back from the hospital where I had the chest X-ray and the Ultrasound on my arm.

Yup, there is a clot in my arm, but the X-ray came back “normal”. 

So, when I got home my doctor called me and talked to me about the results and when she told me the X-ray was normal I asked her why I was coughing, could a clot have made its way into my chest??  She just simply told me not to get ahead of myself…

So, meanwhile, they are referring me to a Hematologist because they are concerned by the fact that I developed the clot in spite of the fact that I have been on a blood thinner since I got out of surgery.      I am scared and I’m not ashamed to say it, so please pray for me!

As for everything else, I’m doing well!  I have to be careful not to cough too much (don’t want to cause a rupture in my stomach) so I am not able to move around much or even talk much since it causes me to cough.

I got down to 235lbs and I am the same today.   I am noticing that the 2oz of Boost  for every meal is not enough anymore and my craving for simple soup or an scrabbled egg is getting bigger.  I can’t wait for my appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, I should be getting phase two of my diet and I’ll be able to actually EAT!  At least stuff like scrambled egg whites and soup but hey at this point I am NOT complaining!  Those egg whites will be like heaven :)

My drain hole is almost completely closed, which amazes me because since it stopped draining it was indeed a “hole” in my stomach and I was wondering how it was going to close ‘nicely’, but it did, when it’s done it’ll look like the other little slits that are left from the surgery. I’m going to post of picture of my stomach so you can see how little the incision sites really are.

You know, if it wasn’t for the heaviness in my chest I would be feeling great and I’d be out walking right now!!   I am still sore in my stomach, but it mostly feels like I got beat up, it’s sore but not painful.

Well, that’s all for now, please keep me in prayer and pray these clots go quickly (like yesterday would be nice). 

Have a great day