Up date on some things....

08/08/2012 22:25

Ok, I posted the news about my ear and the results of the biopsy but my brother brought it to my attention that I neglected to explain the procedure that they will do to remove it.  Well, as it was explained to me, I will go to the hospitol were they have a pathologist for the doctor to utilize and the doctor will give me a local anestisia then he will begin to gradually remove layers of the sore and have the Pathologist check it until they get to clean (non cancerous) tissue and then the doctor will have to take a skin graph from behind my ear and apply that to the area.

That's it, once it is all out, I'm in the clear, that why they have to do it in layers.  Oh, and this will all be done in one 'sitting'.


About the surgery:

I met with the surgeon one last time before the surgery. This were he checks my skin's elasticity feels around on my stomach (not sure what he was looking for) but then he said that the surgery shouldn't take more than an hour.   Then I saw the Anestesiologist and she asked me all kinds of health and medical questions and they took some blood as well.

So, now I am ready for surgery, which is on Monday (8/13/12), I won't know the time until friday when I get an automated call letting me know when to be at the hospitol.

That's all for now, I plan on takeing my laptop to the hospitol with me so I can blog some more while I'm there and let you know what's happening.

Pray for me