09/11/2012 18:40

I had a bad night last night.  Again its all about learning how fast is too fast to eat, I made an Asparagus and tomatoe quiche made with fat 

free cottage cheese and fat free cheddar, it is so good, maybe too good which is why I ate it too quickly but then I promptly threw it up, So I went to class but was hungry when I got home so I ate some chicken soup I made and again I must have eaten too quickly because I threw that up as well and my stomach was aching all night. 

I almost didn't make it to class this morning because I hit the "dismiss" button instead of the "snooze" button on my phone, I was so tired this morning.  It's now 7pm and Im fine now, I purposely didn't eat anything this morning and waited till 3pm, when I was finally hungry, before I 

ate and I only had some plain tuna (ofcourse it had salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion in it).

Now I'm thinking about trying some of the quiche again, this time, I will be eating one small bite every 3-5min. lets see how that goes.


On other things:  I had to swich one of my classes, I thought I had signed up for Human Biology, but actually signed up for Intro. to Biology -

NOT what I wanted or needed. So I droped that class and decided to get one of my math classes out of the way- Elementary Algebra- I'm glad

I decided to do this now, because the teacher I have, I think, is going to be great, he takes things down to the level even I can understand! 

I am still takeing the shots everyday for the blood thinner, I have another two months to go.