08/21/2012 23:21


Ok, so the blog I did yesterday didn’t get published so I’m going to recap for Monday and blog for today.

Monday:  My drain is healing beautifully and I am down to just a band aid now and there is no more draining.   It was a bad day, I have this cough that just will not go away and because of the surgery it really hurts when I cough, but I am also coughing up stuff too and to top that off I have this swelling in my arm were the IV was and it is painful and warm to the touch.  My fear is that it’s a clot.

I called the doctor about all this and she said if I wasn’t feeling better by tomorrow to call and get into see a doctor tomorrow. 

I went to get my books for school and did some grocery shopping, my daughter drove, held all the packages, loaded and unloaded the car, all I did was some walking around and I was winded and exhausted – not fun.

Tuesday:   Today I went to the doctor’s office and they ordered a chest x-ray and an ultrasound for my arm to see if there is a clot.  I just have to wait for the hospital to call me and make an appointment for these tests.  Don’t worry though; they are really good, usually, in making appointments within 24hrs of the doctor request.

The doctor also gave me a Rx for a cough med with codeine.  She said that the codeine shuts off the mental trigger that says “cough”.  They want to do this because they don’t want me coughing so much that I tear something inside.

I have found that if I am sitting or lounging and am very quiet I don’t cough as much so that is what I’m doing right now. I did take the medication (which is nasty) but it doesn’t take all the coughing reflexes away.

Other than the fatigue and the coughing and the pain in my arm, I feel good.  My stomach is just sore now there is no “pain”.  Oh and the 6oz of Boost I have to drink each day for my meals is beginning to not be enough, I’m finding that I need like 2 ½-3oz to satisfy.  On the down side, my breath smells like bile, not pleasant. I will be calling the surgeon tomorrow to ask if this is normal, it makes sense that it would be for the first few weeks while the stomach heals and adjusts, but I just want to make sure. So, I’ll get back to you on that.

As of this morning I am 235.8lbs, I’ve lost 15lbs total in 8 days!!

So, right now it’s almost midnight and I’m tired so I’m going to go to bed.