09/13/2012 16:05

I seriously need to learn to eat more slowly and to not drink before, during, or immedietly after eating.  You see, I have a stomach about the size of man's thumb it only holds about an 1 1/2oz -2oz so when I eat I can not drink for a half hour before eating and have to wait a half hour

after eating before drinking anything, otherwise I end up throwing it up.  The problem is I am so use to grabing the water bottle and sipping 

without thinking about it, and I have always sipped on water while I ate, now I cant do that.  It's just hard changing the habit.


I sovled my chocolate craving ordeal, I drink decaf instant coffee with 2 equal and skim milk, when I need chocolate I put in one level teaspoon

of baking cocoa (no sugar, no fat) into my coffee before putting in the boiling water, It takes better than the Dunkin Donuts Mocha coffee!!  and without all the fat and sugar that you get at D&D.  And baking cocoa isn't expensive either!


 Tomorrow I am going to the Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor to see what needs to be done and where it will need to be done about the cancer in my ear.