09/06/2012 21:56

I have held steady at 227 for the last 3 days, dont know why so I'm gonna call the doctor tomorrow and talk to him about what I 

could be doing wrong.

Since I've started school I am doing alot of walking because of the fact that my classes are all over the campus this semester and I'm trying 

to take the stairs at least once a day instead of the elevators.

I'm looking for recipes that are fat free and sugar free and low salt, without breads or pastas but that is really tough even with bariactric surgery recipes only .5% is something I can even look at but even then I have to tweek it.

I know I wrote about the tuna and olives recipe but I think the olives are too fatning so I have to wait another 4 weeks before I can put

that back into my diet.

One more thing, I've notice that I an getting more flabby, my fat isn't as hard anymore, and my flab is getting looser. not likeing that but 

they say it's my "badge of success" to have the extra skin and flab.  It's still ugly though.  I just pray that the insurance will pay for the tummy 

tuck and thigh tuck that I will most definetly need eventually.


Well thats it for now, going to watching the DNC!