08/23/2012 13:11

Ok, I know I said that I have a clot in my arm but I was concerned I might have one in my lungs again, too. I don't!

My doctor called me this morning and I asked her about that, she said that the Xrays came back normal and my oxygen is good so possibility that its in my lungs is very low. She said that it is most likely an irritation because of the tube down my throat during surgery or I may have some bronchial inflamation.  Which makes sense cause I dont feel "sick", I'm just coughing and I get winded a bit.  I am now haveing to get 18000IU's of Fragmin (injections), and I don't mind saying, "OUCH!!!!" I don't know what it is but these injections hurt worse than the other ones did, my butt hurts!

This morning I am now down to 233lbs!  I haven't been this weight in 8yrs.  I went to do the tests yesterday and wore a shirt that, the last time I wore it I felt like I was bulging out of it, and it fit so nicely now!! 

I decided I NEEDED some coffee, so I made some decaf coffee with Equal and I put a teaspoon of chocolate syrup and it is delicious AND its not bothering my stomach, which is more important.

My stomach is sore mostly the entire area under my breasts, it feels like I did WAY too many sit ups, and now my incisions are iching, uhg!

OK, I get back to you later. 

Bye for now :)