10/21/2012 22:05

So, I am now eating somewhat normally, I still cannot eat bread but I can eat oatmeal (which I love), salads (gotta be carefull with the dressing), I can even eat a little popcorn.  I actuall had some pasta too but it was the protien pasta, it was good tasts just like regular pasta but very little carbs so it doesn't make me sick, the only negitive is that I cant eat more than four bites, it is quite filling.

I still get sick at times when I eat too quick or to much but for the most part I am doing well.

I have lost 47lbs to date!  When I hit to 50lb mark I will be posting new pictures.  my clothes are all very loose on me and I need under garments but I dont want to do anything till I loose all my weight.