09/09/2012 16:11

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I haven't felt to great since thursday night.  Thursday night I was craving toast so I made a piece 

of toast with a LITTLE butter and a LITTLE natural peanut butter (2g sugar) and I only ate half the peice of toast. Within 15minutes I was 

the bathroom throwing up,  but I was sick all night and all day Friday, plus my "friend" came to visit so I've felt like sleeping all day.

Saturday I just wanted to sleep.  So today is Sunday and I'm feeling MUCH better! 

I made a quick chicken soup with fat free, low sodiom chicken broth, can mixed vegi's, 2tablespoons of tomatoe sause, and chicken thighs

cut into tiny peices and cooked, I added salt n pepper, basil, onion bits, garlic, and parsely.  VERY GOOD! and best of all it doesn't make

me sick!!  Tomorrow I'm gonna try to make a spinich quiche with mushrooms, it will use fat free cottage cheese, 75% fat free cheddar, and 

of course eggs. This will not have a crust since I can't eat that stuff yet.  I'll let you know how that turns out.