09/01/2012 21:48

I was told to start taking my (liquid) Zoloft again and so I did I started Thursday night and it didn't settle well, neither did Friday and I was up all night with my stomach burning and painful.  I took a Pepcid before bed and woke up with the burning at 4am so I took another and then again at 9am, I had my family picnic today and my stomach was hurting so bad I had to leave the picnic early and go home to sleep.

It's 10:00pm now and I am feeling a little better after takeing another Pepcid and haveing alot of diahrrea. 

I tried to eat some chicken at the picnic but I have three bits and it did not settle, so I tried some of my noodle salad, was a little better but I'm not suppose to be eating stuff like that yet.  

After getting home and taking my nap, I had a few sips of fat-free milk and that helped ease the burning alot.  I have avoided eating the rest of the day, I'm just drinking water to stay hydrated.

well Im going to say bye for now, Im still not 100% so Im going back to bed.

have a great day, y-all.