Monday -Labor Day

09/03/2012 10:43

 My stomach is still sensitive from the liquid Zoloft so Im taking it very easy in what Im eating and Im probably eating a half ounce per meal just because I cant handle the full ounce yet.  

I also realized that I need to buy a food scale, it is Very difficult  trying to figure out what an "ounce" is with out some sort of measuring tool.

I do have these little cups I got from the hospitol, but they are for liquids not for solids.

I have been trying to remember to do some strength training at home.  I heard on "The Doctors" that strength training is better than cardio for losing weight, cardio is good for strengthing the heart but not for losing weight, they said the point to weight loss is to change the ratio of fat to muscel and the ONLY way to do that is by strength training.  So, for now I will be doing this at home but Im gonna get up the money to join the gym, I get more motivated to workout if I know I am going somewere to do it.

As for the clotting issue:  Iam still taking the shots for now, I probably wont hear from my doctor until tomorrow about wether or not I can take the Coumidin.

Also, I've been asked about the cancer in my ear; I will get that taken care of some time in the next month or so. It's not a life-or-death thing so I can afford to wait a little.

Bye for now.