In the Hospitol

08/14/2012 16:41

OK, yesterday I had surgery, the doctor said that he had to go back in and do some more sticting because there were leaks.  And it took me about 10hours to fully come out of anesticia. I woke up with a cathetor in me and a draining tube and bottle comming out of me side.  This morning I was in alot of pain and extremely nausious, I actually threw up twice, I paniced a little because it had blood in it but they said thats normal, its just extra blood left in my 'pouch'.   They had to do an xray of my stomack and i had to drink this nasty tasting stuff so they can see if Im 'leaking', I am not.  That was first time I threw up, the other time was after I took a very small sip of water and it felt like it got stuck in my chest so I tried to burp and low and behold I threw up all over myself and the bed, yukk!

I am now out of bed and sitting in a lounge chair, I went pee for the first time with out the cathetor (thats a very good thing). 

I just had another sip a water and it feels 'stuck' again, hopefully I dont throw up again.

Im getting tired and Im freezing, so I'll continue this tommorow.