how it started

07/27/2012 14:58

OK, so I decided to get the Gastric Bypass surgery.   First, I had to get my doctor's approval and my insurance approvial. I have state insurance so they require a bit a background info of my health and struggle with my weight, they also need to know that my BMI is over 40 and that I have tried other options to loose the weight.  Once this was taken care of and I got the insurance's OK, I then had to jump through a few hoops.  

I had to go to a Pulmonary doctor, a Cardiologist and a Psychologist to get cleared mentally and physically, this was pretty easy since I dont have any major health issues and the pulmonary clots have all gone and I'm doing much better.  Then I had to go to a Dietician for 6mos. were I learned how I will me eating 2 wks, 4wks, 2mos and on after surgery.  I also learned that several foods will not be tollarated by my system after surgery, such as sugar and foods high in fat. If I were to eat this stuff, I will experence what is called "Dumping", this is were you become extremely nauseus, vomit and then have very painfull diahrreha.  I dont think I have to tell you, I WILL NOT be eating that stuff!!!!


OK, so all of that is now done..

I have been working with Yale Hospital's Bariatric Wing and I am now ready for surgery on August 13th.  

I wont talk about the specifics of what happened between when you're done with all the doctors and dietician and getting the surgery date because it is different for each Hospital or Doctor you may work with.

Monday I will be doing Pre-Op testing.