08/24/2012 14:28

I am feeling so much better, the pain cause by the clot in my arm is  down to one little spot instead of the entire upper arm and my coughing is down too.

As for the surgery: I am doing well, I just figured out that I need to allow my self to drink/eat my meals very slowly, meaning I have to purposely take 15-20 minutes to drink 2oz.  Other wise I end up feeling abit nauseous and I get indigestion.  I know that sounds ridiculous but its true, remember my stomach now only holds a total of 3oz so if I try to drink/eat the 2-3oz of food to quickly my stomach can't handle it so it just comes right back up.  I haven't thrown-up but the nausea just just as bad too me.

I do have one concern, which I will have to talk to my surgeon about.  I dont mean to be gross but it is something I am experiencing and this blog is about my experience so......  My poop is smelling like sewage, that isn't a normal smell, so I need to talk to him about it

I left a message at the office so hopefully I'll hear back soon.

I started to do some walking exerciseing this morning, just walking in place and moveing. Unfortunatly I can't do any weights yet because I dont want to dislodge the clot, so I have to wait for it to dissipate.

God I want a BIG, juicy peach right now!!!!

Doctor called me: Its the protein drink, if I want my poop to smell different I need to change my protein choice.  So weird, but OK I guess.