First things first...

07/31/2012 23:09

       So, after you are cleared by my insurance (state medicaid), they required that you see a Cardiologist and a Pulmonary doctor to make sure that you do not have a health issue that could be dangerous for you  if you go through surgery- they will require you to see a Psychologist to make sure that you are sound of mind and do not have a serious mental issue but mostly that you realize that this surgery is not a "fix-all" solution, that it is just a tool, a stepping stone to help you get on your way but that you need to be aware that it will be  all on you to keep the weight off.

    The loosing the weight is only a part of the picture, you will not keep it off if you don't deal with the reasons why you eat or deal with what you eat and the amounts of food you take in.  A good thing to do is to start a daily food journal of what you are eating and the amounts, this is for you only so  BE HONEST!  Write down every morsal of food and drink.  This journal will help you to be honest with yourself about what you are putting in your mouth.  I realized that I dont eat enough food but what I do eat is loaded with surgar calories, hence my diagnosis of being Pre-diabetic and the weight gain.

    Ok, so when you are seeing these doctors you will also be seeing a Dietician (your doctor or the place your are going to for the surgery will usually pick their own dietician, since each doctor/surgeron have their own way of doing things).  The dietician will go through what you will be eating two weeks after surgery, two months, and then what and how you are to eat for the rest of your life  again I stress the fact that this is NOT a diet, it is a life style change.  Listen to the dietician He/she will have your key to keeping the weight off if you do as they say.

        Well that's it for now.