ADD to Thursday

09/27/2012 21:42

Just wanted to vent- I will be divorced in 2 1/2 weeks, will be liveing in utter poverty, with little to no medical and little to no food stamps and an inabillity to work because I have no skills other than 'cleaning' which I cant do because of back issues that the doctors cant tell me why I am in so much all the time despite the fact that Ive lost almost 40lbs!!, my church "family" took sides even though I was told they wouldn't. so I had to find another church were no one knows Richard and I can start over. 

Plus I have Major Depressive Disorder and have not been able to take my meds since August 13th when I had the Gastric Bypass so I'm up and down emotionally which really doesn't help. Plus I just found out that, because my medical insurance is putting me on a $10,000 spend down, I may not be able to see my counselor or Psych doctor. NOT good.

OK Im done venting. Thanks for listening.