08/19/2012 13:14

Ok, I have been home 3 full days now and have been sleeping on my recliner sofa because laying in bed was causing me to choke and have to much acid reflux.  Friday night was bad, I woke up at 3am so chilled that my teeth were chattering and I couldnt seem to get warm, so I grabed my comforter off my bed and cocooned myself in it and went back to the sofa.  I woke up at 9am and was over heated, I was soaked in sweat, and my temp was 101+, but by the time the nurse got to my house, my temp was down to 100 and went down as the day went on.

Yes, I have a nurse comming to my house daily for the next 30 days because I have to take a blood thinner shot everyday because i have a blood clotting disorder, so she comes and give me the shot and checkes my vitals.

 Last night I slept in my own bed! I had to prop all the pillows up so that I was pretty much sitting up with one under my legs, but I slept alll night without insident. No coughing, no choking, no reflux, no chills!!!  I was a great night, thank you Jesus!  I know it was God cause I prayed last night (I feel stupid that I didn't think to do it earlier) and He answered!

Today I am doing good so far, its 1:30pm and I've have very little reflux and very little draining.  The only thing I have to watch for now is a swelling and pain that developed in my arm were they had my IV, it may just be a cellulitus (swelling) or it could be a clot that has formed, there isn't any thing the doctors can do that Im not already doing, so I just need to pay attention to the look of the skin and if it moves up my arm I need to get to the ER quick.  So for all you who believe, keep me in prayer!


At this point, I would have to say to any one who has thought of this surgery, dont do it unless it is litterally a last resort and you've tried everything else and your health is at stake! It is NOT an easy surgery or recovery, the surgeons tend to surgar coat it.