Home from Hospital

08/16/2012 19:54


It is Thursday, August 16, 2012; I left the Hospital about noon. 

So, here is what happened from Tuesday to today:

Tuesday day and all night I was coughing up white foam, I couldn’t hold down even a sip of water and I was nauseous, Wednesday morning was much of the same but not as severe so I started to try sipping just enough water to coat my throat.  It stayed down after several sips, so I tried a little more water, it stayed down and the coughing up the white foam was getting less and less (I am assuming that the white foam was because my stomach was empty and still swollen so it couldn’t take anything in.  Kind of like when my dog throws up because I didn’t feed her on time and she’s hungry but vomits foam).

By the afternoon, I drank 3oz of water without vomiting or feeling nauseous. (The rule is to drink 1oz of water every hour for the first day, if you can do that then they move you onto 2oz of Ensure).  So, they asked if I felt like I could handle some Ensure, I doing good so far so I tried it.  My first “meal” was around 1pm Wednesday; it consisted of 2oz of chocolate Ensure.  I continued with the 1oz of water every hour and around 5pm I had my second meal of 2oz of chocolate Ensure then my third meal was around 7:30pm.  I was feeling MUCH better!!

I am still dealing with pain in my stomach so I was getting a steady dose of anti-inflammatory medicine, blood thinner (because I have a clotting disorder), Pepcid to calm the acid reflux that happens and Morphine, beautiful, magic Morphine- for pain.  I love Morphine! Thirty seconds I am out of pain and on my way to wonderful sleep land (no, they don’t send you home with it :(  ).

By Wednesday evening I had the ‘drain’ taken out ( this is a tube that comes out of the stomach and a bottle is attached to the end to drain the liquids from the abdomen, this is obviously not what you’re drinking, its liquids that can cause infection if not drained out) I was so happy, I was originally told it wouldn’t come out till today but Dr. Duffy came in to see me yesterday and he said it looked like the drain could come out, I told him what the others were telling me and he said that it looked ready to come out. So, an hour later one of his Jr. Doctors came in to take it out of me.  I will say that this is not an experience that I ever want to have again!  I literally felt the tube sliding out… Uhg, it didn’t hurt it was just disturbing.

All, night was woken up about 5 times, as is hospital tradition, and at 1am they came in again to draw blood and take my vitals, so now I’m awake, thanks.  I got up, went pee, and took my first walk for the day through the halls then I was tired again and sore, so I got a dose of morphine and went to sleep till 9:30am when they wanted me to eat “breakfast”, another 2oz of chocolate Ensure.  When I realized the time, I asked the nurse if I was actually going home for 11am and she said yes!

Dam, I don’t have long to get myself together!  I drank “breakfast” and went in to was up, I packed my stuff and got dressed and waited, it’s  10:30 and I still haven’t seen any one, so I wait…10:50, still no one.  So, I called the nurse station to let them know my ride is gonna be there in 5 minutes and I have yet to see anyone to be discharged.  10 minutes later one of the Jr. Doctors come in to explain what I need to do for the next 2 weeks and the nurse came in so I could sign myself “out”.  I asked for a wheel chair and they took me down stairs to meet my daughter, who when she sees me starts jumping in a giddy manner to see her mom (she’s 21 tomorrow) No, really, I love my daughter and it made me feel so loved to see how excited she was to see me!

Now it is after 7pm and I writing this blog, I had my 2oz lunch and 2oz dinner and ¾ of a bottle of water with Crystol Light.  I walked the house several times today to keep myself moveing (this is required! I also find that if I sit too long it is hard to stand up because the stomach muscles get squished and it can be a bit painful to stand straight –KEEP MOVING, Sit up in a chair, sit down when tired or sore but don’t sit too long…

I forgot to mention, I had a room mate who had the surgery done August 3rd and she came it with intense pain and nausea, after the tests said that there was nothing going wrong she was asked when was the last time she passed gas and went poop, she said 3 weeks! She didnt realize that she was suppose to be 'going'. so they gave her a suppository and once she went poop she started feeling better and was able to keep down some Ensure and water, she was going to try a scrambled egg with cheese for dinner, I hope she's doing well.

Right now, I am in a bit a pain and uncomfortable so I will be takeing  a Tylenol w/ Codine, crushed in 1oz of water. yuk.

Oddly, I am craving yogart, but I cant have it, yet.

Well, that’s it for now, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Good Night.