First Morning

08/17/2012 11:43

I drank 16oz of water since I'd been home, I had the remainder two Boost meals of 2oz each and a cup of chicken broth and a few sips of decaf coffee with about 2 tablespoons of nonfat milk.  I think the milk was a bad idea right now but the broth was great.

I have been waking up coughing and spitting up stuff (like you do when you have a chest cold) the entire time I was in the hospital and I woke up at 3am doing the same thing but when I stood up to grab a tissue I threw up, not pleasant.  They checked my chest and said I sounded clear but I think I may have a chest cold or infection starting.  

(I am writing about this stuff not to gross anyone out, just to give you my REAL story and so I will be completely honest with all aspects of my experience, especially since I have realized that the surgeons kinda "sugar coat" the experience in order to not scare people, but I will tell you that the first two week look to be quite challenging both in pain and uncomfortability as well as in being able to "listen" to your stomach and figuring out how to space your fluid intake and the vitamins and Pepcid and the Calcium and the 'meals.  You can not gulp, you HAVE to take very small sips which means the meal needs to take an hour to drink, the fluids -36oz minimum-will take all day and I have to take a half hour before and after taking my vitamins before taking anything else in).

So far today, doesn't seem to be a good day. not feeling great and my belly is uncomfortable and all I really want to do is sleep.  I think I may be fighting a chest cold.