Christmas Day!

12/25/2012 01:35

I am now 185lbs! I am exactly half way to my goal of 120 lbs!  I am feeling good about this but now about the look of my body. My belly hung when I was 250lbs and is still hanging, but now my butt, thighs, and arms are all hanging and mushy.  Im going to need a "full body lift" and 'breast augmentation' as well when Im at my goal. There's no way around it. 

I went for my MRI yesterday and my back was spasming during the last half hour (it took a full hour for two areas, my pelvic and my lumbar). The first half was of my lumbar, that was actually relaxing. I had a comfortable head rest and my legs were on a leg pillow that was at a perfect hight, the rythm of the MRI was "techno" with different verying pitches in the rythm, it was quite 'musical'; but the second half, of my pelvic, was different. First they had me lay on a peice of something with another thing on my stomach and they straped me in, my head was on a very uncomfortable pillow and my legs were on a smaller pillow that was at an angle that was very uncomfortable for my back not to mention whatever that was I was laying on!  It seemed that a particular vibration would put my back into spasms, the vibration would come and go as the MRI progressed for the next half hour!  Hopefully, the MRI will show what is going on with my low back and why Im in so much pain all the time.  My mother thinks that the "tube' of my spine were the nerves go is compressed somehow and is what is causeing my pain as well as explains why the vibrations were so bad on my back during the second half of the MRI.  I dont know, I just want an answer!

So, that is it for now.

I  wish all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!