Re: Checking out your blog :)

Date: 08/22/2012 | By: Lenore

Thanks so much!! Yes I figured it would be a great way to people like myself to get a realistic view of what its like to go through this. Im so glad your enjoying my blog, please do me a favor and spread the word to others.
Love hearing from you, how are things going with you guys??

No News = Good News?

Date: 08/15/2012 | By: Guess Who? :o)

I hope no news = good news. I am very impatient and want to know that all went well and you are OK. Sorry for being a pest!

Today's the DAY

Date: 08/14/2012 | By: Mary S

Been thinking about you all day, hoping all went well for you. Hope to hear an update soon. Take care of yourself. Keeping you in prayer! :o)


Date: 08/12/2012 | By: Mary S

Hope all goes well, You are in my prayers!

Re: Yippee......

Date: 08/12/2012 | By: Lenore

Thanks girl, I welcome your prayers and your friendship, thank you :)

Just Read 7/27 Blog.....You Rock for doing this !!!! :o)

Date: 07/29/2012 | By: Mary S

You Rock !!!

Bariatric Surgeon & Olympics :o)

Date: 07/28/2012 | By: Mary S

OK, so now you have a Blog, what the heck happened at the Bariatric Surgeons yesterday. I thought that was when you were going.........just wondering. I did look up the surgery under my Medicare coverage and they cover it it you have 35 BMI or higher and several documented attempts at weight loss. I'm at 42.6 BMI and wonder if trying weight watchers officially counts and going to the gym(or not going once signed up)? Anyway Medicare cover's 80%, then I'd have to cover the rest myself. Not in the budget this year, but maybe if this works out for you, I can start saving up!

I watched about 45 mins of the opening Olympic ceremonies, but then got distracted on phone, then skype, so I ended up turning off the TV and forgot it was on. Do you know if I can watch it somewhere on the internert? Have a Groovy Weekend!

Re: Bariatric Surgeon & Olympics :o)

Date: 08/01/2012 | By: Lenore

Hi mary, while you are saveing up for the surgery, DO go to weight watchers, try every thing you can with in your budget to loose the weight, keep a record of what you do and the results, if any. that will help you and your doctor make a strong case to the insurance.

Nifty Blog !!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Date: 07/28/2012 | By: Mary Stellpfllug

Glad you thought of this, it's a good way to get out all that is going on with you and at the same time share with people whats going on with you. I worry when I don't hear from you, so now I can come to your Blog!

Re: Nifty Blog !!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Date: 07/28/2012 | By: Lenore

Thanks Mary, glad you like it. :}

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