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05/23/2013 12:34
and working hard to continue loosing...

about last issue....

05/23/2013 12:17
So, I went through the 'sample menu' I shared with you in the last blog issue and counted up the calories, protien, carbs and fat.  The total day is only 600 calories and 50g of protein!  So, ya, Ive been eating way to much. I know what you're going to say- "600 calories isn't enough!...

Gaining weight back...

05/18/2013 19:20
I am now at 168lbs from 250lbs back in August 2012. I have lost 82lbs but I started to fall back into old eating habits again, eating "quick" stuff. But all of that stuff is usually high in carbs, fat and/or sugar, so it isnt good stuff to eat (even if you haven't had gastric bypass...

6 months out

02/11/2013 16:09
Ok, on the 13th it will be 6months exactly.  I've lost 71lbs.  I've gotten a divorce last october and so now I am not able to afford going to the gym and believe me I can feel and see the difference. Im not loosing weight like I was, and my body doesn't feel as good as it was when I was...

179lbs and going down!!

02/11/2013 16:08

getting enough protein

01/24/2013 12:12
I figured out that if I buy the EAS protein powder and add 3 scoops to 1cup of water and 1/2cup 1%milk, I get an entire days protein in that one drink.  It takes me about 1-2 hours to drink it, which is good because it keeps me from wanting to eat stuff  I shouldnt want to eat. lol My...


01/06/2013 13:31
I'm at 183 lbs now and I need to get new under garments- AGAIN! I love loosing the weight but I dont have the money to keep up with having to buy new clothes-lol

Dont forget to get in at least 40oz of water a day!!

01/01/2013 14:42

Hair Loss

01/01/2013 14:09
Ok, I did some research- Appearently, hair loss is common at about 3-5months in, its due to malapsorption.  Everything I read said that getting in 70-80 grams  of protein a day will help with reduceing or even stoping the hair loss and that at the one year mark it will usually stop...


12/27/2012 22:27
Ok, since Christmas I have gained a pound, not good, need to stop with the not good food. good thing its all gone, I cleaned out my fridge.  I will be living on protein and water for the next 4 months or untill I loose the rest of the 65lbs. the iron is makeing it difficult to go to the...
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